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The 2024 Africa Policy Trek is a student-led initiative organized by the Africa Caucus of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government (HKS). This program brings together 30 scholars, comprising graduate students and faculty members, for an immersive policy experience on the African Continent. It is designed to provide an insightful and practical understanding of policy, governance, and business in Africa. In 2024, the Africa Caucus is focusing on the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a country with immense potential and challenges.

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The theme of the 2024 Africa Policy Trek is “Energizing the DRC’s Future”. This theme is centered on three core issues: Empowering DRC's Core: Human Capital and Capacity-Building in the DRC; DRC's Green Gold: Natural Resources & Climate Advocacy; Beyond Turmoil: DRC's Path to Human Rights & Conflict Reconciliation.

Natural Resources and Climate Advocacy

Cultural Discovery and Immersive Experience

Human Capital and Capacity-Building

Congo DRC Trek

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